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Integrating your Social Media Marketing

23rd August 2011

Do you have a strategy in place?

So you’ve heard our advice that social media marketing is often a good thing for business. Maybe you have Twitter account, & a Facebook business page, perhaps you have a business blog on your website. But do you have a social media marketing strategy? Or are you now asking yourself what to do with all these different social media channels?

If you’ve been feeling unsure how to manage them, and don’t know what sort of content should feature in each of them, don’t panic: we have some handy tips on how to integrate your social media channels and get the best results from your social media marketing strategy.

The first thing to consider is that each social media channel has its own “speed”. Tweets, for example, are very immediate and get quickly “covered” by other tweets. A Facebook wall post is slightly more permanent, and even though new posts will be more evident for being on top of the page, people can still view and comment on past events more easily than on Twitter. A Blog post has a permanent presence, it will stay on your Blog, in your archive – the post & the comments remain easy for people to read and refer to.

Secondly, a key difference between these channels is the word limit and the kind of content you are able to share. Twitter only allows you to post very brief comments (140 characters to be precise) & share links & images. Facebook is less restrictive, but that doesn’t mean that you should write big wall posts. It is still a fast communication channel and you risk people not reading your post as it moves down your wall. Blogs allow you to write longer content, and are a channel for people who are interested in reading more about you and what you have to say. Blogs are also great to people coming back to reference old information or keep up to date with new information.

Keeping the “speed” difference and the content limit in mind, an efficient way to approach the different social media channels is to use your twitter account for more “real-time” information and content with a “expire date”. For instance, if your company is taking part in an event, your twitter account can be used to express your thoughts and impressions and keep people posted on what is going on during the event. Your Facebook business page can be used to inform people about the event and invite them, while your blog can be used for a more complete article about the event after it has happened. When using multiple social media channels in this way, it is good to link them to each other – refer people from your blog to your Twitter & Facebook pages and vice-versa. That way you not only distribute content in a coherent fashion, but you also ensure that all your social media channels integrate with each other, increasing your traffic and helping you come on top of search engine results.

The same approach used when uploading content to your social media channels can be applied to content generated by your customers. A complaint posted on a Facebook page is more likely to linger for longer than it would if it were a Tweet. Look at what kind of communications you receive from your customers, and try to direct each issue, or encourage engagement with the social media channel that allows you to deal with them more effectively. Facebook is great for spreading information; Twitter is good for conversation or questions & answers.

And last but not least, using different social media channels can mean you communicate using different styles or tones of voice – Twitter is often more casual than a corporate site and people share thoughts in a more relaxed way. If multiple people are managing your Social Media channels, it is really important that your brand is represented with consistency - your customers will feel confused if the brand personality is always changing.

Make sure that the design, content and tone of voice are used consistently, that information available in one of the channels is not different from the others, and that these channels are up-to date, connected and refer back to each other.

For help setting up, managing & strategically planning your Social Media Marketing contact the Team at Glow Creative. We’d love to deliver an engaging creative Social Media Campaign for you!

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