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Am I too small for Marketing?

8th September 2014

Small Businesses need BIG ideas.

Marketing is a crucial element of all businesses. Regardless of size.

I had a chat with a one-man-band recently who was doubting the importance of a professional brand identity. Are just a few minutes of conversation we were mapping out ways we could easily & affordably create a memorable brand that would raise the profile of his business. We were thinking outside the box (we had some BIG ideas!) & soon had a number of ways we could get people talking about & engaging with the services on offer. From doubtful to excited in 10 minutes.

Even without thinking about it, we are all involved in marketing activities on a daily basis – when you make a decision on how to pitch your products and services, when you communicate with your clients or potential clients in any way, you are “marketing”. From the name, the look, the tone of voice, your content, website design, email signature, packaging, uniforms, leaflets & business cards – it is all a part of your marketing effort.

Having a marketing strategy means that you coordinate all these activities carefully in order to get the best results from them.

There is no such thing as a business that is too small to have a marketing strategy. In fact, if you are a small business, you probably have to compete with bigger players, which makes a creative marketing strategy even more important. You may be too small to have a marketing department, or even a full time marketing person, and that’s why a friendly marketing agency like Glow Creative is here to help! We are the marketing department for businesses that don’t have one.

Marketing strategy is about asking what it is that you want to achieve for your business, and how can you achieve it. It is important that all your marketing actions are underpinned with strategy & reinforce your business objectives in a consistent fashion. We want to help you spend your marketing budget in the most effective way. If have a clear idea of what your objectives are & what you want to communicate it is much easier to deliver that message to your customers, staff, partners and community.

The problem many small entrepreneurs face is that they have to dedicate all of their time to their core business activities. We don’t all have the time to plan a marketing strategy, or the skill and creativity to put it into play. Unfortunately this results in your marketing being at bottom of your to do list.

Give your business some TLC & you will be rewarded. Good marketing increases your visibility, improves relationships with customers, enhances your brand image and ultimately improves your sales and your revenue.

If you think you need a marketing strategy that is feasible and easy to implement, get in touch – no matter what size of business you are. 

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