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How to use seasonal events to benefit your business

6th April 2011

...and stay in touch with your customers

The Christmas sales have only just finished, but supermarkets have already packed their shelves ready for the next seasonal event on the calendar, be it Easter, or the start of Spring.

Seasonal Occasions are a great excuse to get in touch with your customers, send them a greeting or promotion, remind them of your business and potentially boost your sales.  It doesn’t mean that you have to sell Easter eggs or gardening tools to be able to use upcoming holidays in the benefit of your business. Companies in any industry can use special dates to reinforce the positive image of their brands and engage with the customers.

When planning out your annual marketing strategy, try to identify key dates and events that are relevant to your industry whether it be the Olympics, Christmas, Easter, Summer or World Environment Day.  Get your customers in the mood and remind them of what you can offer to help them enjoy the upcoming occasion by sending out a seasonal-themed newsletter or eMarketing campaign.

Special promotions and seasonal vouchers are another great way to get your customers celebrating with your brand. If you are feeling really festive, invite your customers to a themed event, or organise for a free promotional gift to be collected or rewarded to them with a purchase.  

Don’t forget that customers like to be spoiled, and it is little details that make your business stand out. Sending out cards and small gifts are a way not only to mark a special date, but also to stand out from your competitors, raise your brand profile and make sure your customers remember you.

Why not be a bit more creative with your marketing strategy for this Spring / Summer? Give us a call if you need a hand.

Glow Creative have worked on Seasonal Campaigns for a number of clients. See our Nixon Hire Easter promotion & our very own Christmas cards below.

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