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Good Website Content

26th July 2011

Make sure you are engaging your audience

You have decided it is time for your business to turn its attention to your website. You have it all figured out - the new design, the colours you will use, the style of the site, the imagery – you even have a professional portrait for the “who we are” page. 
Now your website is built and ready to use – it looks great - just how you had imagined. All you have to do is “fill it up” with some text and wait for the benefits – as in, the customers – to come your way, right? Well, not if you want to maximize the benefits of your online presence and add value for your customers. We see so many businesses struggle with their content, it’s not just a case of quickly making it up, the web copywriting is crucial to your success, it needs to be concise & engaging.

Here are a few tips to keep your visitors engaged with your brand and guarantee returns on your website design.

Define your goal: To decide what kind of content you need in your website, you need to think about what the goal of your website is. Are you selling products online? Do you want people to ask for a quote via email, or to call you? Your website has to be built around your goal, and the same applies for the content.

Be Contactable: Have you ensured your e-mail address is easy to access? Have you added all your contact information in a clear and easy to find place? Have you encouraged people to enquire? Have you provided key information & answered the most common questions?

Easy, visible, available: A website is not only about the way it looks. It is great to visit a visually pleasing website that is consistent with your brand, but the main reason most people will visit your website is to gather information about your business. It is very important that the information they are looking for is readily available, up to date, easy to access, and very visible. If your customers can’t find all the information they need easily, they might go to the next website on their list. Keep the copy simple, clean, concise and easy to digest.
Simplify: Remember that people read website content differently from the way they read print material. When reading online, people tend to scan for information rather than read the full text. Make sure to focus on the main idea and summarize the message. That way you won’t lose your visitors’ attention before you got your point across.

Hook the readers: Make your content appealing so people will carry on reading & exploring the site. You don’t want people to just visit your website and leave within a few seconds, so give them a good reason to stay.

Make it relevant and add value: Is there anything else you can offer your online visitors other than information about your company? Many businesses have adopted the use of blogs, to share information, add value and engage their customers. If you choose to go the blog route, make sure to keep it relevant. Are there any other incentives you can offer online?

Be up-to-date: There is nothing worse for online marketing than to leave a website without updating. 
Review your content regularly, and make sure to make any necessary alterations – such as contact details – as soon as possible. If you have a news section or a blog, make sure they are updated regularly – news from a year ago will leave people wondering if your company still exists.

Glow Creative can help you with website design & copywriting – we offer a great Content Management System meaning you can take control of the content on your site - keep it up to date and tailor it to your current offering. Contact Us for more information.

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