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eMarketing. Are you sending the right message?

27th May 2011

...some simple rules to a good eMarketing campaign

No spam emailsWe have mentioned before that eMarketing is a relatively easy, cost-effective way to keep in touch with your customers and make sure your brand is always recalled. However, if you are bombarding your contacts with unrequested emails and your messages are irrelevant or not targeted, it means that instead of delighting your customers, you are more likely to be scaring them away.

If you start to Spam your database, you are not only damaging your business’ reputation, but you are also breaching the law.

The broad definition of spam is unsolicited email sent in large bulks – say, to 500 or more recipients -but you can get classified as a spammer even if you are apparently doing all things right. This happens because email accounts allow people to report emails as junk or spam. If that happens to your campaign too many times, your eMarketing can be suspended. But worry not – the Glow Creative team has some tips that can help you to get it right:

  • Always get authorization to send newsletter – You’ve heard this one a million times, but we will never get tired of repeating it because it is that important! Double opt in techniques are the best approach, so you know that people really do want to hear from you. Don’t forget that you also need to include an option for people to unsubscribe.

  • Beware of the old list – if you have been collecting subscriptions for a few months and haven’t yet sent a campaign, your customer is likely to have forgotten that they even subscribed to your mailing list, and might classify you as spam without even opening your message. Either dispose of old subscriptions, or whenever possible, contact the customer beforehand with a reminder.

  • Don’t buy lists, or use contacts from other lists you might have – If people haven’t directly expressed their wish to hear from your company, they are more likely to classify your mailing as spam. And even if they don’t, what are the odds they will read your email if they don’t know who you are, and why you are emailing them?

  • Don’t bombard your customers with messages – Would you be happy if a company sent you e-mails twice a day trying to persuade you to buy a product, or hire a service? Neither will your customers. If they don’t report your campaign as spam, they might simply unsubscribe, or stop reading your messages.

  •  Drop the cheesy-sales style – Be professional. Pushy sales content (Buy now!), writing your text ALL IN CAPITALS, AS IF YOU WERE SHOUTING, or going crazy with exclamation marks!!!!!!! will get your email stopped by spam filters.

Follow these tips, send relevant, engaging content and it is more likely that your customers will be happy to hear from you, and not annoyed.

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