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Top uses of Social Media for Small Business

15th February 2012

social media marketing from glow creativeThere is no sign of a slow down…Facebook now has more than 800 million users worldwide and, at the end of last year, Twitter reported an average of 230 million tweets per day and the number of people browsing the site up by 70% compared to the start of the year. We are, of course, talking about the ever growing world of social media. As we have discussed previously, it simply can’t be ignored. Social media has become part of everyday life and, if you are not already embracing the revolution, you really are missing out on a great way to interact and engage with your customers and showcase your products and services to a vast audience.

Once you have established your social media presence, whether on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest to name but a few, maintaining up to date content is vital. This does not however need to be as difficult or time consuming process as you may imagine. Many successful strategies for engaging customers can be implemented in just a minute yet the benefits to your business can be huge.

Below we outline some top tips for using social media successfully.

Offer discounts: Boost your sales and provide a real incentive to get people following you. This can be especially useful when you first start out with social media.

Preview products and services: Inform your customers about upcoming products and services to create demand even before they are actually released.

Promote events: Announce the dates of your events which customers can attend or when your business will be next appearing at a trade fair or conference.

Answer questions: Customers can quickly and conveniently ask any questions they may have about your products and services via social media platforms. Answering these queries via, for example, a quick tweet or Facebook wall post is an easy way to provide an instant and up-to-date answer.

Ask questions: Formulate some interesting questions relating to your area of business to encourage customer engagement. Social media also offers a great opportunity to carry out market research with polls and surveys.

Build confidence: People prefer to feel as though they are talking to a ‘real’ person rather than just a company. Social media offers the opportunity to engage with customers on a level which feels personal and trustworthy, helping to build confidence in your business.

Provide support: If a customer is experiencing a problem with one of your products or services you may be able to quickly resolve their issues via social media interaction. Providing instant support again builds confidence and trust and can help to minimise or eliminate any negative feedback the problem may have otherwise caused.

Gather feedback: Listen to what your customers are saying about your products and services and use the information to identify areas for improvement.

Announce updates: Mention new posts on your blog or updates to your website to encourage customers to visit them.

Report news: Provide company, industry and other news which is relevant to your business.

Hold a competition: Competitions can help to spark interest and excitement in your company and, on social media platforms such as Twitter, can spread rapidly to reach new audiences and potential customers.

Make business connections: Join industry and topic groups related to your company which can be found on websites such as wefollow.com

Discover new markets: Some services and products may not be popular at home but could be hugely successful elsewhere. Social media connects your business to a global audience offering the potential to discover new markets.

Meet peers: Locate others who operate in your business sector as, whilst they are your competition, they are also your peers. It may be beneficial to both parties to join forces and share knowledge.

Glow Creative can set up and design your social media platforms and we develop Social Media Marketing Strategies helping you to make sure you really make the most of them. We can also manage your accounts for you if required - we help you plan and generate good content for Blogs, Newsletters & Social Media channels.

So why wait any longer...contact us today and really get your business moving in the world of social media!

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