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This is Pinteresting

1st February 2012

Pinterest for Business

It seems that nobody can get enough of Pinterest at the moment and here at Glow Creative we are no exception! If you aren’t yet familiar with the rapidly expanding photo sharing and bookmarking website, then now is the time check it out. Pinterest allows users to collect images, known as pins, either from the internet or that they have uploaded themselves and categorise them on boards organised by subject. Once an image is pinned, other users can re-pin it to their own boards. It’s like having a giant virtual cork-board constantly at your fingertips!

Whilst this all sounds fun, you’re perhaps wondering how Pinterest can be beneficial to your business. Firstly, a hugely significant feature of the site is that each pin can contain a link back to its original source. This therefore makes adding your business related images to Pinterest a great way to drive traffic to your own website. Popular images can get re-pined to hundreds of other user’s boards resulting in many potential hits to your site.

As well as offering huge potential for driving traffic to your own website, there is also great opportunity for customer interaction on Pinterest itself. Users can leave comments on images and it’s ideal for gathering feedback on new or potential products or services. Providing a few images gives the chance to gauge opinion and popularity by observing which are re-pinned the most.

It’s important to note that Pinterest doesn’t have to be limited to just pinning product images. Indeed, other users can be quick to identify boards which are overly promotional and self-serving as this goes against good etiquette on the site. Interacting with other users and providing helpful content that goes beyond just what you sell will help to increase your popularity & broaden your audience. It's a great way to share your personality & style, building connections with other people and brands with similar intrests. As the focus is not entirely on product images, Pinterest can also be useful to businesses which are more service based. One of the main aims of the site is to inspire others, so finding interesting images, related to your business’s area, which you can share helps to get your company noticed. You could also try posting some behind the scenes shots of your business - this helps to showcase the personality of your brand. 

Pinterest also offers the opportunity to connect to your current audience on other social media channels. However, it is again important to consider etiquette. Pins which are shared to other platforms should have context to them rather than being a constant stream of images. At the moment it’s only possible for businesses to sync their pins to their Twitter page and not their Facebook brand page. However, it is likely that this will be reconsidered in the future as more brands join Pinterest.

As the site is still relatively young, it is currently only open to invited users (let us know if you like - we can invite you). However, by visiting www.pinterest.com and requesting an invite you should quickly receive one. Pinterest really does hold huge potential for brands to interact and engage with a huge audience of current and potential customers. A picture speaks a thousand words and businesses can utilise the power of Pinterest to generate a real buzz around products and services whilst creating an experience for their audience which is both socially and visually pleasing. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get pinning! See you there.

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