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So, we joined Google+Today

26th July 2011

What's it all about?

So we joined Google+ today (if you'd like to connect with our Director, Sarah Weightman, click here)

As self-confessed addicts to Social Media Marketing through Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin & we are looking forward to getting to grips with the new platform & seeing what it can offer that's different to the existing platforms. So watch this space.

If you are interested in getting on board with Google+ we have found a few useful articles to help you along the way:

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Google+ Cheat Sheet

Google+ Claim Your Vanity URL - like I have gplus.to/sarahweightman

What about Google+ for Business?

In a post and video announcement published on You Tube, Google Product Manager Christian Oestlien advises businesses to hold off from building an online business page using the standard user profile page. According to him, Google+ will launch an optimised option for businesses later this year. Meanwhile, Google+ policy team will actively work with profile owners to shut down non-user profiles.”
Google calls Google+ a “project” rather than a product, as the application is still far from a final version. It is very likely to remain as a flexible, constantly-changing application.

Participation in Google+ is taking place slowly via invites, in a similar process to the one used to release Gmail.

One aspect of Goggle+ that may impact businesses already is the feature +1, that allows users to recommend web pages. In the future, this feature will impact on search engine results. If you run a any search on Google, it gives you the option to recommend the pages that come up, in a similar way to the “like” button of Facebook. Businesses will have to monitor that feature and find ways to motivate users to recommend that page, and also watch out for any changes in the search engine procedures.

As Google+ grows we'll come back with our opinions and ideas of how you can use it to maximise your online presence. 

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