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Top Twitter #Hashtags to make your social media marketing an engaging part of your content marketing

24th September 2015

Twitter and Facebook are the King and Queen of social media marketing platforms and Twitter hashtags are the easiest way to communicate openly on your social network with your followers. With 20 million users joining the social network every month, most businesses know they should use Twitter as part of their content marketing strategy to engage with their current and potential customers, but not all know how to use social media marketing effectively.

Hashtag phrases allow followers on Twitter to follow and engage in a trending topic but businesses can also get in on the action and increase their brand awareness. Twitter hashtags require the publisher to enter the # before a keyword which enters it into a global ‘conversation’ on the topic. Twitter followers can search a #hashtag and see all posts included in the conversation, this is a great way to get new leads from untapped customers. As a bonus, some Twitter #hashtag phrases will get  a re-tweet if they post on designated days and times.

If you only have limited resources for social media marketing, using Twitter hashtags in your content is a good way to engage on the right topics and get your message to the right audiences. Below we have pulled together the most useful hashtags on the North East market – and when to use them!


Day/Time slot



Mon 12noon to 1pm

Week days 12noon to 1pm


Mon 3 to 4pm


Mon 7 to 8pm


Mon 7 to 9pm

Thurs & Fri 6 to 7pm


Mon 8 to 9pm

Tues 2 to 3pm


Mon 8 to 9pm (seasonal)


Tues 7 to 8pm


Tues 9 to 10pm


Weds 2 to 3pm

Sunday 8 to 9pm


Weds 2 to 3pm

Fri 11 to 12pm


Weds 2 to 3pm

Fri 11 to 12pm


Weds 2 to 3pm

Fri 11 to 12pm


Weds 2 to 3pm

Fri 11 to 12pm


Weds 2 to 3pm

Fri 11 to 12pm


Weds 2 to 3pm

Fri 11 to 12pm


Weds 2 to 3pm

Fri 11 to 12pm


Weds 7 to 8pm

Sunday 6 to 7pm


Weds 8 to 9 p.m.


Weds 8 to 9 p.m.

Fri 9 to 10pm


Wed 8.30 to 9.30pm 


Weds 9 to 10pm


Wed 9 to 10pm


Thurs 2 to 3 p.m.


Thurs 3 to 4 p.m.


Thurs 8 to 9 p.m.


Thurs 8 to 9pm


Thurs 9 to 10pm


Fri 11am to 12pm


Fri 8 to 9pm


Sat 11 to 12noon

Sun 11 to 12noon


Sun 7 to 9pm


Sunday 5-7.30pm  (Tweet a short bio of your business to @TheoPaphitis with #SBS and he will RT his favourite 6)

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