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Can you boost your business on Facebook without buying?

14th December 2014

Facebook says that they are making news feeds more relevant for users, reigning in promotional posts from Pages and giving them the same restrictions as Adverts. This will limit the amount of Page posts a user sees in their newsfeed and should make their feed more relevant; containing updates from friends, family and only a handful of Pages they have recently connected with. You can read more about this update here.

So what can be done by a small business who uses Facebook as a major part of their social media strategy? Companies such as Glow Creative have a team of experts who keep up to date with the latest changes to social media rules and regulations and can work with you to create a digital marketing strategy that will include all your social media platforms and link effectively with your email marketing campaigns and website updates.

As the new rules come into place at the start of 2015, businesses who solely use organic posts will see a dramatic reduction of post reach. The best way to combat this is to have engaging content that will bring traffic to your site from the few followers who are lucky enough to see your posts.

Alternatively you can go down the route of ‘Boosting’ a post and getting it viewed on more of your followers’ newsfeeds. Costs vary for Boosted posts, from as little as a few pounds per day and can be very effective for a product launch or key event that you need coverage and interaction with. However, make sure you check the settings for reach and duration and stick to your budget to make the most of your purchase.

Having motivating content and thought-provoking images will greatly improve your post success whether organic or paid. If you need guidance and ideas with your social media marketing and want to create an engaging social media and digital marketing strategy, talk to Glow Creative.

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