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Get your Business Fit this year with Glow Creative

13th January 2015

To help you develop your Marketing strategy this year, we asked each member of the Glow Team for their marketing resolutions and picked the best to create a Business Fitness Resolution List. Here is what we’ll be focusing on this year!

Business Fitness Resolution List

My resolution for 2015 is to take part in more webinars to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends. I love learning from global experts about the latest developments in Digital Marketing so I can bring it back to benefit our clients’ projects. A trend that’s caught my eye recently is the shift from discovery-orientated content to context-relevant content. It’s time to think about how to create & distribute content that has been triggered by the latest news & events - whether that be the weather, a seasonal event, news story or movie launch. Content that taps into what people are talking about really engages. I am also really excited about “fat” content. Videos, books, publications, infographics & resources - good content is getting fatter & more engaging.  – Sarah

In 2015 I am keeping a close eye on new techniques & trends in web design, particular the CMS side of things. Historically, CMS’s have always focused on ease of use & accessibility. I believe that the focus this year will be on creative content. Clients will want to be able to publish content with more creative control incorporating new design trends. Not only does content have to be relevant & engaging, but your CMS needs to give you the freedom to enhance it visually & make it more accessible. We will integrate new design techniques wherever we can so that our clients can quickly & easily, publish & share content, on all the latest browsers & mobile devices, while keeping up with the latest design trends. – Shaun

My new year’s resolution is to write content that is as actionable and concise as possible. In a world where people are competing for attention more than ever, the need to deliver content that cuts to the chase and delivers the highest value is higher than ever. – Russ

For 2015 I plan to ask a lot more questions, to really get to the heart of each clients design challenge. I also want to get back to using a paper and pencil more at the early stages of a project to generate solutions with solid creative ideas at their core. - Nick

Content is King this year as the rules get tighter on social media, meaning content needs to be as engaging and stimulating as possible in the hopes that readers get involved and share. My resolution is to conduct wider research and gain thought provoking facts and figures for use in a range of content contexts, from quick tweets to more visually inspiring infographics. Giving content more “meat” gives it a greater chance of getting a reaction whether that is a like, share or click through.  – Sarah-Jane

I've always had a passion for typography. 2014 saw a boom in designers putting down their mouse and picking up a pen or pencil to draw type. 2015 is the year I work more with a pen and pencil. I'd like to apply a hand crafted lettering and illustrations to logos and brand. I admire many hand lettering professionals, but Jon Contino is a true pioneer. – Helen

So there are our top marketing resolutions for 2015, if you want to learn more about our team and what we can do, visit the website. We will leave you with some inspirational typography from Jon Contino...

Typography Example from Jon Contino

Typography Examples from Jon Contino

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