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Has Your Facebook Business Page Been Affected By The ‘Likes Cull’?

20th March 2015

In a world where nearly 1.5billion users have a Facebook account, your digital marketing strategy should definitely include social media channels. However, Facebook likes to keep business page owners on their toes when it comes to rules, regularly changing the way you communicate with your followers.

Recently, Facebook undertook a ‘Likes Cull’, removing inactive Facebook accounts from being included in your number of page ‘Likes’. You may have noticed your nice ‘Likes’ figure looking considerably lower than a few weeks ago, but look on the bright side, with reach being limited for business pages that don’t want to pay for boosted posts, you are now only reaching out to real ‘active’ Facebook users.

Ensure you make the most of this change with a targeted digital marketing strategy that means your communication with your followers is planned, relevant and above all engaging. While reach is favoured towards a users’ friends posts instead of business posts, make sure your fans are liking and sharing your content as this then appears on their newsfeed and spreads the word about what your business has to offer.

The more engagement a post gets, the more news feeds it will appear on and that means more chances of those new people following your posts in the future.

Another recent update also benefits those business page owners who have ‘Targeted posts’ allowed. This option can be found in the settings of your page and gives you access to a whole extra button when creating your posts. 

 When writing your post, click the target icon. You will see a drop down menu of filter options. The figure on the right shows the number of followers you are targeting, as you create more filters, the target audience will naturally become more specific.

This new function is ideal following the ‘Likes Cull’ as you can be sure that any followers you are targeting are active Facebook users and you aren’t wasting valuable reach!

Make sure this function is used within your digital marketing strategy to target the right social media users for each campaign, especially if they are geographically or age range specific.

If you aren’t keen on buying a boost for your posts, creating engaging content marketing material is the best way to increase the reach of your posts to a wider audience and organically grow your followers. For help with your digital marketing strategy or just someone to write some engaging content, talk to Glow

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