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Don’t put all of your Digital Marketing Eggs in one basket this Easter

31st March 2015

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With an ever-growing list of digital options to consider, digital marketing is a hard egg to crack. But, as with any form of marketing, digital or traditional, it’s important not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Keep your efforts spread across different channels to reach the widest audience. 

Content marketing can be a powerful approach to drive traffic to your website, currently we are writing blogs, regularly publishing & amplifying content for many of our clients.

Is content marketing the most important digital marketing tool?

Content, and more specifically, well written & well optimised content on it’s own page - like a Blog - gives websites more indexed pages and more indexed links. This means they are more likely to be found for the keywords your audience is looking for.

Great, so if you know your audience & know what they are looking for, you can tailor your content so potential customers can find your website. What about if they aren’t searching for what you are offering? What about the other people out there? What about the potential customers browsing Facebook?

A Facebook marketing effort could work well for you if your audience is on Facebook or if your product is visual & lends itself to being photographed, commented on & shared. While social media is a very powerful tool, it is arguably not as effective as email when it comes to reaching your existing audience,

Is eMail marketing the best digital marketing channel?

According to Mailchimp, average email open rates are around 21%. Where an average organic Facebook reach is around 6%, especially since the rules regarding audience reach change so often. But you can read more about that here.

Hold on – do you have good data? What if you have an existing audience & you want to cross promote products, or tell them about other services you offer? Do you know a lot about your customers & can you be specific in your messages to really target certain groups? eMail marketing can work a treat if you have a qualified, opted in list & the more you know about your contacts, the more you can make your message exactly right for them.

The great thing about a digital marketing strategy is it’s entirely measureable. Clicks, opens, page views – they can all be measured.

That’s another great reason to try different methods; you can see exactly what works & what doesn’t. Don’t invest all of your time into just one thing – think about your strategy, think about your goals.

What are your digital marketing goals?

More traffic? New customers? Selling more to existing customers? Introducing a new product? Entering a new area? Your digital marketing strategy should depend on your goals. Digital is a great way to have two-way conversation & interact with influencers and your customers, as well as a way to reach new people, while continually building relations with your existing audience.

While businesses seem to have jumped aboard the social media bandwagon, a surprising number are neglecting mobile.

What’s the importance of having a mobile-friendly website design?

Back in June, 2013, only 6 percent of Fortune 100 companies had mobile-friendly websites.  This is surprising given that last year mobile browsing overtook desktop browsing. Google is now ranking mobile-friendly sites higher in it’s search listings & if you search on your mobile, Google will tell you next to a search result which sites are mobile friendly. Let’s face it, if Google are on board with the idea, then you need to be on board with mobile-friendly sites too. You can read more here about our Responsive Website Design.          

So there you have it, a whistle stop tour of a few of the digital marketing considerations.

We are constantly challenged by the complexity of digital marketing & we work hard to guide our clients to make the right choices of digital marketing activities to suit their needs.

Perhaps this Easter, when you have finished hunting for Easter Eggs, you should turn your attention to creating an egg-cellent (sorry we couldn’t help it!) Digital Marketing Strategy.

When it comes to chocolate eggs & Digital Marketing, talk to Glow, we know a lot about both.

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