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Are Explainer Videos part of your Digital Marketing yet?

2nd April 2015

With more and more content being digital, sometimes it can be easier to allow customers to get a brief summary that includes all the important points, add in some jingly music and some nice graphics and you have all the makings of an explainer video.

An explainer video is usually a 1-2 minute video that’s created to introduce a new product or service, and it includes a summary of the most important points. They are often used to pique the viewer’s interest, and be informative and clear without taking up too much time.

A short video is more visually stimulating than a piece of text content or an image and therefore is more likely to be engaged with via likes or shares.

This engagement can drive traffic to your website or increase enquiries about your products or services.We made this explainer video to show the logo design development of Liza Jane’s Vintage Kitchen.

If you’re looking to re-vamp your digital marketing content, talk to Glow.

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