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Refreshing website designs we love this summer

22nd June 2015

With Google announcing new rules to elevate mobile friendly responsive websites and every man (and his dog!) setting up a website, it can be a mine field of information to make sure you’re doing the right thing for you and your business.

Refresh your website design

The number of websites on the internet are expected to reach 1 billion during 2015 - the level of competition for your site to be viewed is growing daily.

The majority of people we work with, already have a website, but just because you have a website, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need some attention! It’s an on-going process maintaining, updating & evolving with the times - look how much Twitter has changed in 10 years!

 Twitter Old Website Design - Glow Creative Marketing              Twitter website design - Glow Creative Marketing

If you are looking to update your website design, why not take inspiration from some websites our digital marketing team have picked out.


A responsive website that we love is Lurpack. It really changes depending on the device you’re viewing on, it alters the number of content boxes depending on your screen size (just drag the top corner when viewing the site and you’ll see it adapt) Lurpack Responsive Website - Glow Creative Marketing

Plus there is engaging content that keeps it fresh and visually interesting and we love getting new recipe ideas! The content is a mixture of user generated and brand generated, but the best bit about this site is how visually pleasing it looks; you want to scroll down and look at all the pictures and click on the animated links. Not bad for a site promoting butter?!

It just goes to show that engaging content & good design, mixed with usability is a great recipe for website design.

Having a responsive website is becoming super important to keep up with the competition and be seen on search engines like Google. You can find out more in our blog.


Often customers are more drawn to and more willing to engage with content that is provided for free & out of goodwill (not a paid advertising campaign by a brand or company), this is where the user generated content sites come to force.

Pinterest Screen Shot - Website Design - Glow Creative Marketing

These sites, such as our favourite Pinterest really show the power of opinion and showing the world what you like and admire. When you log into Pinterest the only things you see are relevant to you based on people you follow or topics you have shown interest in previously.

Pinterest works purely through imagery, good pin descriptions and links to relevant websites. You can find anything you need on Pinterest if you know the right keywords to type in. This is where good content marketing is important, if you’re using the right keywords your products and image content can be shared worldwide and you never know where it may end up! Pinterest is great for pinners, browsers & brands alike, we feel it’s win, win WIN!

Feeding Finn

To really show the value of user generated content, visit Feeding Finn, a website dedicated to user generated recipes and meal ideas for small children.

Feeding Finn - Website Design - Glow Creative Marketing

There is not an advert for a big brand in sight and it is refreshing to read feedback from parents who have tried, tested and shared the recipes on social media.

When marketing content is provided without an ulterior motive, such as just to engage, sell or provide a point of view, viewers are more likely to spend more time on the website as they won’t feel they are being sold to.

This site shows that blogging & user generated content can be valuable as the information and opinions expressed could well be provided by someone in a similar scenario to yourself, rather than a multi-million pound brand who is trying to win your loyalty.

It’s never too late to update your website design!

You might have left it a few years since last refreshing your site, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late. Decide how your business has changed and therefore how your website needs to change, look at updating imagery and content and that’s a start! Make sure you have ticked your SEO boxes & these days you should ensure your site is mobile friendly too.

We’ve picked these website designs based on some basic website design rules and trends.

When looking to update your website design, make sure you have a clear idea what your site should be used for, this will help you decide on the right site map & the right content before you begin the design journey.

Glow Creative have a team of digital marketing guru’s here to help you along that journey and will make sure you end up with a site to be proud of and one that works for your business model. Contact us for more information or visit the website to see projects we’ve worked on in the past. 

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