This Barbie went viral!


As 2023 comes to a close, we have started to reflect on the amazing work we have done for our clients this year, going above and beyond to achieve tangible results. At GLOW, our job isn’t just beach, we class ourselves as marketing extraordinaires!

One of our notable projects of the year took place in the summer of Barbenheimer, where we  transformed the Champagne Bar By Ebony into a dream house just in time for Barbie hitting the box office. To capitalise on the release of the highly anticipated blockbuster, we posted an image of the bar onto the client’s social media platforms, and photoshopped the building to make it look pink. Alongside this, we temporarily changed the Champagne Bar’s name to “Champagne Barbie.” 

The post went viral and gained an immense amount of organic traction. Over that weekend, Barbie and Ken themed cocktails were served and proved to be a massive hit with customers, selling out at a rapid speed – people couldn’t get Kenough! 

Our mini-campaign also caught the attention of local and regional renowned publications like the The Northern Echo and Yahoo, who praised the innovation and claimed that Barbie would approve! The coverage increased exposure for both Walkergate and The Champagne Bar. 

The viral social post is a great example of how on the ball we are at GLOW. We closely monitor trends that we then utilise in innovative ways to drive growth and traffic for our clients. The feedback we received from the venue was overwhelmingly positive, with sales going through the roof and customers talking non-stop about our marketing magic!

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