Zero to Hero


How to go from Zero to Hero with a website revamp.

Before you do anything, it’s important to establish exactly why your website might need a revamp.

The following are some of the most common reasons:

• Not mobile-optimised or responsive – in today’s multi-screen culture, it’s vital that your website is optimised to mobile devices. If it isn’t, chances are you’ll be missing out on a number of customers who will choose to navigate away again to elsewhere.

 Poor user experience (UX) – a website that is difficult to navigate, disengaging, unnecessarily complex and/or slow to load will inevitably lead to a sour taste in a visitor’s mouth.

• You’re not ranking on Google – if Google can’t find you, it’s likely that potential customers won’t be able to either. If your website isn’t developed to match your top search keywords or isn’t SEO friendly, it might be time for a revamp.

• Outdated – website design trends are constantly changing and it’s important that you try your best to keep up-to-date with these to ensure that your site (and by association, your organisation) looks current and active.

If one or more of these reasons resonate with your website, it’s likely that your sales/leads are down. Though bear in mind that even if your website is performing well, it could still benefit greatly from a well thought out website revamp.


At Glow Creative, we are here to help you plan the stages, stick to a plan and follow best practices so you can take your website from zero to hero in one go.

Before you put ideas in to action, we can help you look at your current website and customers, this process helps you to overcome known and unknown challenges. We do this by reviewing your target audience (they don’t always stay the same), performing a content & SEO audit and revisit your brand (a key element of a website strategy is brand consistency) and plan user experience.

Our team specialises in helping companies create, revamp and reinvent their websites. We can also assist you with obtaining funding for your website development too. Get in touch to start your website project on 0191 375 3878.